Performances made only by robots: an experiment and a research line

Teatronika has produced a one hour show, presenting original pieces made on purpose for being performed by the robots. Robotic performances are in an experimental stage, thus the show mixes the robot performances and small interventions presenting thoughts and experiences around the themes of robotics, neuroscience, arts, and culture.

Teatronika presentations up to date

Pieces that were produced for the CCCB show in 2015

  • La reincorporación,  Gerard Freixes (first price 2015)
  • Paraísos artificiales, Pedro Pablo Picazo (second price 2015)
  • I+I, de David Pousada (third price 2015)
  • Agujero en la arena, Hugo Álvarez (fourth price 2015)

See below a recording with a single camera viewpoint done in the lab of “Agujero en la arena” by Hugo Álvarez:

Credits of the show

  • Idea and realization: Martí Sánchez Fibla
  • Scene director: Beatriz Liebe
  • Texts and voice: Àngel García-Cerdaña
  • Robots: Capri, Dani, Xavi
  • Music and sound: Sytse Wierenga, David Dalmazzo
  • Scenorgraphy and technical support: Alex Escuredo

Documentation of the project is downloadable from this link.