Teatronika has self-published two books (ISBNs 978-84-697-5916-5 and 978-84-09-10427-7) in a limited edition of 50 copies each and we are looking for an interested distributor and publisher. If interested in the book you can write to us at: .

Teatronika_01: The book has 130 pages and includes: essays by Miquel Barceló, Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, Ricardo Iglesias and Roc Parés, the 9 winning scripts of the 2015 edition, a research dossier by Beatriz Liebe and Martí Sánchez-Fibla where we explain curiosities of how we have completed the staging with the NAO robots of the works.

Teatronika_02:  Presents a compilation of the ten winning scripts and four essays: two of the project’s directors, Martí Sánchez-Fibla and Beatriz Liebe, one of Stefan Kaegi, of the Rimini Protokoll company, and one of the science fiction specialist Miquel Barceló, regular collaborator of the project and member of the jury.