Short Script Contest Teatronika 2022: write your script until October the 2nd.

We present the Teatronika 2022 short script contest organised by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and Teatronika Association, with the collaboration of Artistic Collective Estampa, Radio 3 and  Barcelona City Council.

Write your script for up to 4 robot characters (in Spanish or Catalan), sign up on the web eventum (using this link) of the UPF and upload your script.
In the current edition, the contest will have two categories:

a) 100% biological.
b) Cyborscript.

The scripts for category a) have to be written for human authors, as in the previous editions of the contest.

For category b) the authors must use a text generator (Artificial Intelligence), in at least one part of the text.

There will be 10 award-winning scripts and a total of 2.500 euros in prizes: find the rules in this link.

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