Conversations with an A.I.

Writing scripts for robot characters is somehow a difficult but fun exercise, too futuristic, an exercise of imagination that can depict future possible worlds of distant galaxies far far away…

A future that seems closer is the one of humans interacting with artificial conversational agents. The film “Her” (2013) explains the “complex” relationship of a man with its conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant. The film brings to the edge the development of the AI agents as they unite at the end, and become an independent OS assistants community: maybe the film needed a sort of ending. Here the scene where the conversational OS is introduced:

Well then, some years after “Her” here we have the short film “Our friends electric” (Superflux design studio) which introduces three different artificial conversational agents acting as main characters (and that we liked a lot).
Maybe we should introduce new categories in Teatronika Contest!!!!

See the fantastic article in the magazine Neural.It “Our friends electric, the alter ego machines”.

Is this depicting a too far future???

Well take a look at what Kory Mathewson is up to!!! This AI researcher and stand-up comedian is teaching a Chat Bot (now also using a NAO robot) to be funny and using it in his shows:

See the post in his web.

We now say goodbye in the middle of an intense work of reading your scripts, with all the jury already involved and very soon… the results. Thanks to all!