A future of technological equality

Teatronika wants to reflect on the future that awaits us and to which we all contribute. Research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) accompanied by the cognitive automation to which it leads and Robotics, thrive and advance separately. We will analyze the state of the art of both disciplines and of the two together in an infinite series of comments and articles to come. We would like to be able to provide tools to equip us all with a critical vision of the advances that the media communicate. We are passionate about robotics as a science, and we think that it will be fundamental to understand the brain of any animal. But we are not over-optimistic about technological advances: humanity, in its eagerness to prosper and produce, is generating increasing benefit; however, the average benefit per family stagnated 10 years ago. The distribution of the benefit is uneven and somehow all the advances will have to focus on equalizing and revoking the situation of waste and residues as a result of the increase in production that can turn our planet into an unlivable place.

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