Contest Results 2018

With some unanimity and some degree of divergences that were largely discussed, the jury composed of:

  • Marisol Lopez – Director of the Digital Culture Dept. ICEC, Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Miquel Barceló García – UPC Profesor, now retired and science fiction expert.
  • Jordi Delgado – Profesor of the Computer Science Dept, UPC
  • Beatriz Liebe – ALTRE theatre festival and mental health,  Teatronika.
  • Martí Sánchez-Fibla – UPF Profesor, Teatronika.

has declared that the winners of the Teatronika 2018 robotics short story contest are:

  • “Sin Ley” by Jordi Casanovas Güell – 1000 euros
  • “Instrucciones” by Daniel Alejandro González López – 500 euros
  • “Flota un ataúd en el espacio” by Chema García Ibarra – 500 euros
  • “La Peluca” by Carlos Mirás Avalos – 250 euros
  • “Unncany valley” by Helena Matamala – 250 euros
  • “Siempre se van los mejores” by Nacho Pintos – 100 euros
  • “Ciencia dramática” by Tomás Afán Muñoz – 100 euros
  • “Ser-Es compatible” by Tito Ascendra – 100 euros
  • “Ubi sunt” by Xavi Farré Sahún – 100 euros
  • “Acciones” by Clara de la Torre Fernández – 100 euros

We will contact the winners in the coming days.

We would like to add a non-exhaustive selection and without an order of scripts due to its special characteristics that, although it has not been possible to reward, are mentioned here for:

  • The Robot Musical “El universo es una estantería” by Miguel Viedma Rivas
  • A very special road-movie: “Sin titulo” by Ana Morales Díaz
  • The dadaist: “Tertúlias hipotéticas entre obras de arte” by Gaia Bautista Jugovic
  • The Txejov parody “Todas las flores de mi jardín” by Antonio Ramón Jiménez Guillén
  • The Shakespearian “Enrique VIII” by Carlos de Pimienta Acosta
  • The contemporary performance “Performance con 4 robots” by Osvaldo Cibils
  • The tribute to automata “Don quijote de la máquina” by Jessica de Farfán Ospina
  • The futurist comedy “Ouija wi-fi” by Fernando Martínez & Miguel Ángel Jordán
  • The robot reincarnation “En continuo movimiento” by Ángel Marzal Sahuquillo
  • The artistic essay “A short operetta for four robots and a harpsichord” by Mónica Valcárcel Sáez

and so many other scripts, all with interesting elements that, could not be rewarded.

Thank you very much to all the participants, and thank you for your effort which has been worthwhile because we have enjoyed each of the more than 100 proposals received. We will keep you posted.

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